Cloud Solutions

Many organisations are beginning to understand the benefits of using cloud computing and data storage. Cloud technology is an economical option and provides the flexibility that fast-changing markets require.
Microsoft’s cloud platform is one of the most widely used in the world and is trusted to keep even US state secrets secure. It is also incredibly flexible, meaning that no matter the speed of your growth, your organisation will be able to scale accordingly with minimal risk.
xRM Technologies is a certified Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) and acting in this capacity, we use Microsoft Azure to help clients migrate their data to the cloud. Our team advises clients on the most optimal, low-cost way to get it done, carries out the plan according to client specifications and provides ongoing guidance and support.
We can also help migrate documentation to Office 365, enabling staff to store, manage and work online, while still having access to their previous data. xRM Technologies also uses Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite to develop managed mobile applications for our clients. 

Web Portal Solutions

Our team uses Microsoft’s CRM Portal, Adxstudio, to develop CRM-integrated, secure web portals which are ideally suited to client requirements. Due to no development work being required, we are able to deliver custom web portals cost-effectively and in record time.
Web portals have helped many of our clients boost operational productivity by setting up self-service applications where customers can find or provide relevant information without speaking to a staff member. We can also design web portals to assist in managing online content, collecting and nurturing leads and getting real-time feedback from our customers

Call Centre Solutions

Microsoft Unified Services Desk (USD)

xRM Technologies sets up Microsoft USD to empower support agents with up-to-the-minute customer data on the spot. This enables them to resolve customer issues quickly and provide a more personalised support service.

CTI Enabled Agent Desktop Solutions

Our team can install Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) technology, which enables popups featuring relevant customer information to appear on a call agent’s screen prior to their first contact with the customer. This eliminates the need for the agent to manually look up customer information, improving productivity and enhancing the customer’s experience.

Power BI

Power BI enables organisations to automatically create visual reports using CRM data. The reports can be accessed from any device and can be easily be customised to suit any requirement. Power BI gives senior management a 360° overview of company processes empowering them with the information they need to enable future growth without putting existing well-functioning processes at risk. xRM Technologies is skilled at setting up Power BI in such a way as to ensure that it depicts real-time CRM data accurately.