xRM accelerates the development of many LOB applications on the same platform using shared resources

In simple language xRM is the concept of any relationship management based on Customer relationship management. Traditionally, CRM system was limited to the customer relationship management. Eventually business needs increased widely and now different business is looking for their own data management system where business objects will be Supplier, Vendor, Projects, Product, Employee, Partners, Clients, Consumers, assets etc.

xRM provides dynamics application services to deliver a fully featured LOB application development platform that rapidly adjusts to meet your ever-changing business application needs.

xRM depends on extensibility of the CRM platform on which it is built. Microsoft Dynamics® CRM currently provides the most powerful xRM platform available because of the Microsoft® .NET Framework that underlies it. Companies can typically achieve 80% of their business requirements using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The .Net Framework, meanwhile, provides a common architecture that software developers can use to build custom line-of-business (LOB) applications that supply the remaining 20% of a company’s requirements quickly and economically.