Offshore Model: Benefits

This Business model has been established to provide companies with an alternative to outsourcing, but with the benefits of access to talent pools. You will able to choose the best talented resource from the bunch of CVs.

  • Low Risk: With XRM Technologies Ltd, there is no need for you to set up your own subsidiary. Staffs are employed by our legal entity, freeing you up from the HR constraints of employing your own staff in a different country. You do not need to be tied into property contracts for years, or deal with international fiscal legislation.


  • Access to talent pools: UK businesses are finding it harder to source IT skills such as Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, .Net etc. We have access to these skills and can recruit great staff for you to help grow your business.


  • Staff selection: under this model, you select your own staff and they are devoted to your company. Unlike traditional outsourcing where staff can be moved onto other clients at any time, your staff will work according to your processes and methodologies, just like an extension of your existing team.


  • Flexibility: Your staffs are under your control and direction, so if your requirements change from day to day, then all you need to do is let them know, without any complicated change control processes.


  • No investment: There is 0 investment is required to establish direct offices at offshore.